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BROOKLYN, New York, (February, 22, 2012) — Red Lemonade, a Cursor imprint founded by publisher Richard Nash, seeks writers to submit to
an anthology scheduled for release in Summer 2012. With the working title, “Hybrid Beasts,” the publisher aims to use Red Lemonade’s
online writing community platform for posting, editing, and selecting submissions.

The editor is Molly Gaudry. She is the author of the verse novel, We Take Me Apart, which was a finalist for the Asian American Literary
Award for Poetry and shortlisted for the PEN/Joyce Osterweil. She is the founder of The Lit Pub.

More information about the types of writing to be included and the submission process can be found at



The original announcement:


Red Lemonade, an imprint of Cursor, is proud to announce a crowdsourced, mixed, interagency, multi-editorial, recombinant publishing excursion for 2012.The working title of the publication shall be Hybrid Beasts. A final title will be determined by the submissions and resulting interactions of the submissions, the editorial staff, and the online community. The process itself is designed to be collaborative and driven by readers and writers interacting within the parameters of the editorial vision, assisted by the editorial staff and the features of the Red Lemonade site.

The Guest Editor shall be : Molly Gaudry. She is the author of the verse novel We Take Me Apart, which was a finalist for the Asian American Literary Award for Poetry and shortlisted for the PEN/Joyce Osterweil. She is the founder of The Lit Pub.

It was so declared by the Guest Editor:

I am most interested in hybridity — crossover between fiction, poetry, non-fiction. I love prose poems, fragmented narratives, and lyric essays. Great examples of books I love are Claudia Rankine’s Don’t Let Me Be Lonely, Eula Biss’s The Balloonists, Maggie Nelson’s Bluets, Anne Carson’s The Autobiography of Red, Sarah Goldstein’s Fables. I’m also a sucker for fairy tales. 

Red Lemonade publishes alternative literature. Our focus in on adult literary fiction, the Hybrid Beasts submissions should be of a similar vein. Hybrid manuscripts can take advantage of various forms, but short stories are encouraged, excerpts from novels are welcomed. A rough estimate on word count would be around 4,000. Manuscripts can be uploaded on the Red Lemonade online community by clicking the Write Now tab and requesting author access. Submissions will be publicly available for review, commenting and editing to the community members so while there is no set limitation on size, ease of access and readability should be taken into consideration.

To submit : visit and click Write Now, request Author Access and then upload your manuscript. Submissions open until May 31, 2012.

The collaborative technical partner will be : Press Books for the creation of an online collection of hybrid tales. The online writer-reader community, along with editorial interns and assistants will comment, edit and make suggestions on the uploaded manuscripts, with high interaction being part of the selection process. Final selections will be determined by Molly Gaudry. The initial publication will include web-based books and epubs of selected stories that mix genres, approaches, odd creatures, folklore, fairy tales, mythology, strange beasts, etc. We are not seeking children or youth literature, to be clear.

And it was written that the manuscript submissions can be uploaded on the Red Lemonade online reader-writer community at  by the end of May 2012. Final selections by the Guest Editor will be published as web-books using the PressBooks publication platform. Tales which are most pirated appropriately may be further appropriated.

Red Lemonade tends to fluff our nests, stake our tents and erect our altars on the alternative side of the tracks, but compelling tales containing hybridity are the primary concern. Red Lemonade continues to seek submissions of alternative fiction in line with our past publications and such as Matthew Battles Sovereignties of Invention to be published this March and the upcoming publication in June of Richard Melo’s  Happy Talk. We look forward to your submissions and are eager to explore this new ‘hybrid’ publishing venture with you.



Hybrid Beasts (Flyer) Copyright © 2012 by Red Lemonade. All Rights Reserved.


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